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Great Expansion

The First Australians – Lessons from Madjedbebe

Australia is home to some of our species’ most ancient roots outside of Africa. Dated archaeological sites suggest that our species, Homo sapiens was the first to arrive by around 50 thousand years ago (50 ka) and that we had become widespread throughout the continent by 45 ka (Hamm and others, 2016).


The First Americans – crossing Beringia

A recent study presents evidence that members of our human (Homo) lineage were in North America around 130 thousand years ago (Holen and others, 2017; Wade, 2017a). This is a shocking claim because it is more than 100 thousand years before the previously established timing of 14 thousand years ago […]

Photo by Shannon McPherron, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

Cape Likely Site of Homo Sapiens Speciation

The dating game New fossil finds and a better constrained age for the Jebel Irhoud fossil site in Morocco shed new light on our evolution. The new ages indicate that the site is approximately 315 thousand years old (315 ka), or nearly twice as old as the previous estimated age […]